A Few Words About Us

Casting the Vision

With the vision God has given, we at The Rock Community Church seek to cast the vision by enabling new ministries to flourish on a healthy New Testament foundation; built upon the Word, guided by the Holy Spirit under the authority of God the Father through His Son Jesus.

Five-Fold Funtioning Body

We are a New Testament Church in every way the Bible outlines. Functioning under the guidance of the Holy Spirit while maintaining order. Our worship consists of only that which appears throughout the Bible. We function in biblical soundness, standing outside the ecclesiastical comforts.


  • “Family, fellowship, and growth are words I use to describe my experience at the Rock. Since attending the Rock I've been challenged to press into God more while gaining a family of believers that have walked with me through many trials and changes of life.”G.W. - Thousand Oaks, CA
  • “Life changing experiences and spiritual growth abound at the Rock, Praise be to God for this church!”C.W. - Thousand Oaks, CA
  • “As a newer believer and a former athiest married to a strong women of God, we had visited many churches before visiting The Rock Community Church. We were looking for a church that would meet both our needs. What we found at The Rock had nothing to do with the programs, events or the entertainment value of the services. We found and experienced God's prescense, His power working through the Holy Spirit, His grace, and love abounding. We found fellowship amongst a genuine and loving group of servants of Christ who display complete and utter devotion to God, His word, and His will, and who relentlesly pursue truth through the inspired word of God. We have been discipled and shown what being a Christian means through the leadership, instruction and example of a strong body of believers. The impact on our lives and our spiritual walk has been profound.”R.W. - Newbury Park, CA
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