Our Values


The foundation of the church is Jesus Christ. Salvation is the promise we have from God that we will spend eternity with Him. Salvation is obtained by personally accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life.


We must pray for God’s will to be revealed, for God’s grace to be poured out, for God’s power to be released, and for God’s glory to be present.

God’s Word

Is His power in our lives. It is the truth inspired by God and written by man. We model our lives after the examples set forth in the Word of God, commonly known as the Bible.


The Spirit-led worship of The Rock embodies freedom through the expression of our love toward God. Our Worship is modeled after the principles set forth in Scripture.


Ministry is the tool through which we attempt to reach out to our community with the honest portrayal of what it is to be a disciple of Christ.


Partnering together to handle all that life brings is the basic meaning of discipleship. As Christians, we live our lives with the aid of the Bible (God’s Word), the Holy Spirit, and each other, to maintain and enjoy the life God has for us. Discipleship is the process Jesus modeled with His followers and the same process we model through each other today.


Evangelism: Communicating God’s love through the simplicity of lending a hand, giving a concert, or presenting a play. Internet communications, television, radio, and printed media are a few of the mediums we utilize to reach out to the community with God’s love. Evangelism, simply put, is the presentation of the gift of eternal life available to those who choose it.