Who Are We

We believe that demonstrating a committed relationship with God requires loving the community without condemnation or finger pointing. Although perfection is difficult to achieve, we strive to live a life modeled after Jesus Christ. God loves people so much that He laid down His life through His son Jesus Christ, in order to give us life. Therefore, one of our most important priorities is to help people achieve a committed relationship with God by being real about His love for them.

God’s plan for us is to actively and regularly use what we have learned to bring others to a committed relationship with Jesus. This is accomplished by being accessible and meeting the needs of the people who are hurting or in need within the community we serve.

The next step is to restore broken lives. Romans 3:23 tells us that we all are broken because of our sinful nature. Our role is to follow God’s instruction in helping people become whole so they can move forward in their relationship with Jesus.

We desire to bring our community and all communities to the truth of God's love, the gift of eternal life and the eternity of heaven above.

At The Rock Community Church, you will find a caring and compassionate group of people who are friendly and accepting, encouraging and uplifting; sharing the love of Jesus with everyone who visits.

It is from a heart of compassion that we desire to minister to everyone in need. We welcome the opportunity of speaking with you personally to answer any questions you might have about our church, biblical truth or ministry in general. You can find all of our contact options on the contact us page.